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HG-5000 Hi Performance Heading Lock Gyro & HSG-5083MG Digital Tail Rotor Servo for Gyro (41920)
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Hitec is proud to announce the HG-5000 micro heading lock gyro with the “extreme speed” HSG-5083MG Digital Micro Tail Rotor servo. The HSG-5083 was built specifically for the HG-5000 to obtain optimum performance in the T-Rex 400-450, Helimax 400-450 or similar class of electric helis. At 0.35 oz the HG-5000 is very light and small, yet yields performance equal or better than any other Gyro available.

HS-5000 GYRO Features:
  • Optimized High Response Narrow Band Hitec Signal
  • Best with Hitec HS-5083MG
  • Universal Signal Selectable (both Digital & Analog)
  • Precision Control Technology for Heading Lock
  • Auto Detection for any Transmitter & Receiver
  • No initializing Time - Powering up in Head Lock Mode
  • Extreme Tolerance against Disturbance and Vibration
  • Advanced Real Time Sensor for Drift Removal
  • Remote Gain Adjustment
  • Light Weight & Compact Size
  • Self Diagnosis Function
  • Simple and Vivid LED Display
  • Easy Data Setting
  • Low Power Consumption (20mA)
  • Size: 0.86” x 0.86” x 0.43” | Weight 0.35 oz

    HSG-5083MG Features
  • Micro Digital Servo for HG-5000 use only
  • Optimized for 400-450 class EP Helicopters
  • All Metal Gear (1st MP Gear)
  • Size: 1.14” x 0.51” x 1.18”
  • Weight: 0.74 oz
  • Torque at 4.8V: 20.85
  • Speed at 4.8V: 0.07 sec/60 deg
  • Fastest Servo Hitec has ever made!

    Replacement Parts:
  • Replacement MP 1st Gear Part # 55023
  • Replacement Gear Set Part # 55021 - HSG-5083MG Metal Gear Set (55021)
  • Replacement Case Part # 55421 - HSG-5083MG Case Set (55421)
  • Price: $129.99
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