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RCGF 50CC Gas Engine (B Version - CNC Crank Case) - DISCONTINUED - REPLACED BY 55CC
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  Displacement     50 cc / 3.0 c.i.d.  
  Bore x Stroke     44 x 35 mm / 1.73 x 1.37 "  
  Carburetor     Walbro Type w/RCGF Valve  
  Ignition     DC-CDI (Electronic)  
  Power Supply     4.8 - 6.0 V  
  Weight plus ignition and muffler     1560 grams / 55.0 oz  
  Weight without ignition and muffler     1460 grams / 51.5 oz  
  Maximum Output     4.7 hp / 3.82 kW  
  Speed Range     1500 - 7800 rpm  
  Gas/Oil Mix Ratio     25-40:1 (90 Octane)  
  Propeller(s)     22 x 10 @ 6800 rpm  
  Spinner Bolt Size     M5 - 5mm  
Please note -RCGF has authorized us to offer this engine at this low price as a thank you for a great first year with BP Hobbies. This sale is for in stock engines only. No back orders or rainchecks.
BP Hobbies is now a US distributor for RCGF RC gas engines made by Zhejiang RCGF Model and Engine Co. These powerful gas engines are known world wide for their high quality, power and customer support. The engines range in size from 15cc all the way up to 150cc twin. All engines come with prop adapter, muffler, motor standoff, spark plug, electronic CDI ignition and one year manufacturers warranty. So whether you fly IMAA, IMAC, scale or are just a weekend warrior we have an engine to fit your needs. RCGF engines start easily run strong and offer great fuel economy all at a price thatís far less costly than its glow engine equivalent. From 60 size aircraft to 40 %, RCGF engines has an engine for you. User Manual pdf
What you will need to run the engine: Fuel - Use Regular 90 octane Gasoline or Coleman Fuel (sorry we do not sell fuel) mixed with 2 cycle oil
Ignition Power Supply - 4.8 to 6V. When using A123 6.6V packs for ignition, we are now recommending that you use a voltage regulator like the BP Battery Eliminator Circuit. This will extend the life of the ignition system. It comes with a noise choke to reduce electrical noise. Use the A123 Nanophosphate 6.6V 2300mAh Receiver Pack with Male Servo S-Connector and PQ Balance Connector You can not run a 7.4V Lipo with this motor unless you use a voltage regulator (BEC) to drop the voltage down to 5-6V). We have special pricing for Lipo/BEC combos here - Receiver power
Ignition Switch - Switch Harness With Built-In Charge JR/Hitec 26 AWG (BICS/JR) or Switch Harness With Built-In Charge Plug 26 AWG (BICS/F)
Tech note: The needle value may arrive closed. If you are not getting fuel to pump, turn the needle valve one and one half turns out.
For non-warranty repairs, we have enlisted Town and Country Power Mower Inc. of Martinsville, NJ as our authorized service center. To contact them, call Frank at 732-302-1566 or email them at Their website is for more information.
For Warranty Information Click Here
Engine Dimensions:
Important Notice: You must read the warranty and operating instructions that are provided with the engine. Any modification of or disassembly of the engine while under warranty will VOID the warranty. If you have an engine that does not run properly please contact us or the company from whom you purchased the engine (if you bought it from a hobby dealer). DO NOT take the engine apart as this will VOID the Warranty. Crash damage is NOT covered under warranty. The warranty is from RCGF engines and NOT Bp Hobbies. We are a US distributor for RCGF. This warranty applies only to RCGF products purchased from BP Hobbies LLC or its authorized dealers and used in the United States and Canada. If you have to return the engine, please retain a copy of its serial number.
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