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Solarfilm Supershrink Polyester 28" x 78" White
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2.1 oz. per sq. yard.
  • High Shrink - so wrinkles disappear 'by magic'
  • Durable - won't sag or wrinkle in any conditions
  • Fuelproof - resists all fuels - glo, diesel, petrol, gasoline
  • Easy To Apply - hot stretches easily round wing tips & cowls

  • Using Solarfilm Supershrink Polyester covering is done using separate pieces of SP-film for each surface of the model. Do not try to cover a whole fuselage or wing like a parcel by wrapping in a single piece of SP-film. Cut the SP-film larger than the surface being covered, remove the clear plastic liner that protects the adhesive side of the film. Lay the film, adhesive side down on the surface and iron in place using a modellers covering iron.
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