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Mastering Radio Controlled Flight
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The Pilotís Guide to Mastering Radio Controlled Flight by Scott Stoops
Second Edition - 246 pages
Written by an accomplished full scale pilot and R/C pilot , Mastering Radio Controlled Flight is an R/C flight instruction manual that offers a tried and true tested path to success. R/C modeling can be a challenging hobby as a result of its very steep learning curve and the lack of "crash-ability" of even the most durable trainer. This book provides you with the knowledge and techniques you need to be successful.
This book offers an array of useful information to help pave the path from rank beginner, through basic flight training, precision aerobatics, and 3D flight. Much like any skill-set, learning R/C flight is a process. By starting with basic core knowledge and slowly integrating solid techniques, we can rig your path towards R/C competency for success.
Filled with over 100 innovative diagrams and easy to understand descriptions, this is like no other R/C flight manual you've ever seen. Most of the diagrams show precise stick placement along with the position of the model in each maneuver. Whether your goal is simply to be able to safely maneuver your model from takeoff through landing, fly traditional IMAC aerobatic sequences with style, or to pull off a parachute into a torque roll, this is the book for you.
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