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Microbatics MU-80-38 High Performance Single Cell Brushless Motor (MU-80-38) - CLOSEOUT SALE
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  Propeller:     Volts (V):     Amps (A):     Thrust (g/oz):     Power (W):     RPM:     Pitch Speed:  
  U-80     3.5V     1.76A     38 grams     6.2W     -     -  
  HE 83mm     3.65V     1.46A     32 grams     5.3W     13820     26 mph  
  HE 100mm     3.65V     2.28A     38.4 grams     8.3W     9800     35 mph  
  GWS 2.5 x 0.75     3.65V     0.62A     11 grams     2.3W     17600     12.5 mph  
  GWS 3 x 2     3.65V     1.63A     34.4 grams     5.9W     12690     24 mph  
  GWS 3 x 3     3.65V     2.1A     32 grams     7.7W     10580     30 mph  
Microbatics exclusive micro brushless motors designed specifically for high performance, efficient single-cell RC flight. All motor statistics are measured at 3.5 volts giving you a modest measurement against the typical 3.7V single cell voltage. The MU-80-38 motor is designed specifically for the Union U-80 propeller, and generates 38 grams of thrust at 3.5V while drawing 1.76 amps. It also works well with the HE 83mm prop and the GWS 3x2, 3x3 and other similar sized props. Use with the Microbatics BLC-1 brushless speed control or other single-cell brushless ESCs.

  • Weight: 4.5 grams, 5.2 grams with U-80 propeller
  • 14.1 mm (.56 in.) Diameter, 25mm (1 in.) Length (including shaft and tube mount)
  • 1.5mm (.059 in.) Output Shaft
  • 14 magnet poles, 12 stator teeth
  • 5.4mm OD / 3.6 mm ID aluminum tube mount
  • Designed for U-80 propeller (requires reaming to 1.5mm)

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