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Feigao 120 - 12mm IPS Size
Feigao 130 Size 2.0mm Shaft
Feigao 130 Size 2.3mm Shaft
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Catalog > Electric Motors and Parts > Brushless Inrunners > Feigao 130 Size 2.3mm Shaft
High Performance Feigao 130 series brushless motors with 2.3mm motor shafts for compatibility with many common gearboxes. The 13084xx motors give you more power and use less current. This results in better performance and longer flight times than traditional EPS brushed motors. Lower current draw allows you to use your existing Ni-MH batteries and still have more power!
Motors shown below come with a 2.3mm motor shaft, use 2.3mm Gearbox Parts.
Feigao Pinion Installation 130+ Series .
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  Feigao 1308412S Brushless Motor 12 Turn, 2.3mm Shaft, 18A, 7800 RPM/V - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  16.8 oz. / 480 grams of Thrust, 10.8A, using EP-8043 at 7.2V using 6:60-1 Ratio  
  $16.02     Add Item To Cart  
  Feigao 1308422S Brushless Motor 22 Turn, 2.3mm Shaft, 10A, 4255 RPM/V - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  22.4 oz. / 640 grams of Thrust, 8.8A, using EP-1047 at 11.1V using 6:60-1 Ratio  
  $20.20     Add Item To Cart  
  Feigao 1308430S Brushless Motor 30 Turn, 2.3mm Shaft, 7A, 3120 RPM/V - OVERSTOCK SALE  
  17.6 oz. / 503 grams of Thrust, 6.8A, using EP-1060 at 11.1V using 5:33-1 Ratio  
  $19.95    Notify Me or Special Order  
  Feigao 1308415L Long Brushless Motor 15 Turn, 2.3mm Shaft, 16A, 3867 RPM/V  
  Ducted fan motor for use with EDF-55 and EDF-64 fan units  
  $38.95     Add Item To Cart  
  Feigao 1308416L Long Brushless Motor 16 Turn, 2.3mm Shaft, 15A, 3625 RPM/V - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  18.5 oz / 529 grams of Thrust, 13.9A, using EP-1060 at 7.4V using Feigao 4:1 Planetary Gearbox  
  $22.45    Notify Me or Special Order  
  F914: Aluminum Heatsink for 20mm Motors  
  Fits Feigao 130 and other 20mm diameter motors.  
    $5.60     Add Item To Cart  
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