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Lithium Polymer Charging, Handling, Safety Information
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  Small LiPo Guard 225mm x 180mm (9" x 7")       $4.95    Out Of Stock - Notify Me  
  Large LiPo Guard 300mm x 225mm (11.75" x 9")       $5.95     Add Item To Cart  
  Doohan Six Cell Lipo Voltage Alarm - OVERSTOCK SALE  
  Uses light and sound to indicate low battery voltage  
    $5.50    Out Of Stock - Notify Me  
  Doohan Battery Voltage Display  
  Displays the voltage of individual cells up to 6 cell packs  
    $6.95    Out Of Stock - Notify Me  
  CellShield Intelligent Lithium Cutoff  
  Intelligent cut-off device that monitors individual cell voltages, protecting your lithium pack from over-discharge.  
  $29.99    Out Of Stock - Notify Me  
    Temperature Probe for CellShield  
  Accessory probe for measuring battery temperatures  
    $5.99     Add Item To Cart  
  LipoShield Intelligent Lithium Cutoff  
  Low-voltage cutoff device for ESCs that do not have lithium-polymer friendly cut-off voltages.  
  $19.99    Out Of Stock - Notify Me  
  SmartBEC Switching BEC with Lithium Cutoff - OVERSTOCK SALE  
  1.25A Switching BEC with intelligent lithium cutoff. Combines functionality of ParkBEC and LipoShield into one unit.  
  $20.25     Add Item To Cart  
  Watt's Up Watt Meter - Electric Blue     $51.95    Out Of Stock - Notify Me  
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