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Cheetah A2217-7 Brushless Outrunner Motor
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  No. of Cells:     2 - 3 Li-Poly  
  Kv:     1250 RPM/V  
  Max Efficiency:     79%  
  Max Efficiency Current:     5 - 18A (>70%)  
  No Load Current:     1.3A @10V  
  Resistance:     0.150 ohms  
  Max Current:     20A for 60S  
  Max Watts:     222W for 60S  
  Weight:     70g / 2.45 oz.  
  Size:     27.5 mm x 30 mm  
  Shaft Diameter:     4.0 mm  
  Propeller:     Volts (V):     Amps (A):     Thrust (oz):     Power (W):     Thrust Efficiency:  
  APC 9 x 4.7 SF     11.4V     20.2A     35.7 oz.     230W     0.16 oz/W  
  APC 9 x 6 E     11.2V     22.3A     36.1 oz.     250W     0.14 oz/W  
  APC 9 x 5 E     12.3V     22A     37 oz.     270W     0.14 oz/W  
  APC 11 x 5.5 E     11.3 V     30.9 A     49.4 oz     350 W     0.14 oz/W  
  APC 12 x 4.7 SF     7.4V     24.6A     33.6 oz.     182W     0.18 oz/W  
  APC 12 x 8 E     7.3V     22.5A     30.8 oz.     164W     0.19 oz/W  
  APC 14 x 4.7 SF     8V     28.8A     37.2 oz.     230W     0.16 oz/W  
  APC 8 x 4 E     11.4 V     16.8 A     27.8 oz     191 W     .15 oz/W  
  APC 10 x 4.7 SF     11.1 V     31.5 A     45 oz     350 W     .13 oz/W  
Comes with prop-adapter, x-mount, x-mount screws, male bullet connectors installed on motor, and a set of 3 female bullet connectors with shrink wrap.
Warning Do not run motor above the manufacturer limits. If running close to the limit, ensure that the motor achieves excellent cooling. Damage caused by over-amping the motor is not covered under manufacturer warranty.
Suggested ESCs:
Replacement Parts:
Price: $24.95
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