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For Feigao 130 or other 20mm diameter motors with 2.3mm shafts (Hacker B20, etc.). 4mm output shaft.
 Type   Spur Gear   Pinion Gear   Gear Ratio   Pinions for 2mm motor shafts 
  A     M0.4 x 60T     M0.4 x 28T     60T / 28T= 2.14      
  B     M0.4 x 62T     M0.4 x 26T     62T / 26T= 2.38      
  C     M0.4 x 64T     M0.4 x 24T     64T / 24T= 2.67      
  D     M0.4 x 66T     M0.4 x 22T     66T / 22T= 3.00      
  E     M0.4 x 68T     M0.4 x 20T     68T / 20T= 3.40     GW/EPS-92 2.0mm Pinion Gear  
  F     M0.4 x 70T     M0.4 x 18T     70T / 18T= 3.90     GW/EPS-91 2.0mm Pinion Gear  
  G     M0.4 x 72T     M0.4 x 16T     72T / 16T= 4.50     GW/EPS-9A 2.0mm Pinion Gear  
  H     M0.4 x 74T     M0.4 x 14T     74T / 14T= 5.28     GW/EPS-9B 2.0mm Pinion Gear  
  I     M0.4 x 76T     M0.4 x 12T     74T / 12T= 6.30     GW/EPS-9C 2.0mm Pinion Gear  
Use EPS-400C pinions and spur gears for replacement parts.
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