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  Wing Span:     33"  
  Fuselage Length:     21.5"  
  Model Weight:     6.6oz.  
  Configuration:     3 Ch. - Motor / Rudder / Elevator  
  • Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) kit

  • Built-up wing with carbon rod spar

  • Fiberglass fuselage

  • Pre-bent landing gear with wheels installed

  • Complete set of control rods (carbon rods)

  • Hardware package including control horns

  • You will need:
  • 130 Sized Brushed Power System

  • Blue Bird BMR-04 Horizontal Pin JR/Air (BMR-04-H-J-S-72Mhz)

  • 2 - BMS-306 High Performance Sub-Micro Servo

  • Blue Arrow 5-Amp ESC for Brushed Motors / 2-Cell Li-Poly (BA-PP-5B JR/Hitec)

  • Apache Lithium Polymer 7.4V 800mAh HP

  • Online Instructions:
    Click here for online instruction manual
    Price: $22.00
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