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There are many uses of this wire. Wire can be used for control rods, support structures, or landing gear. The metal strips and assortments make great work bench items for when you need small pieces of metal to fix or mend your aircraft.

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  K & S Music Wire 0.015 x 36" - 5 pcs. per tube (#498)  
  0.38 mm diameter  
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  K & S Music Wire 0.020 x 36" - 5 pcs. per tube (#499)  
  0.51 mm diameter  
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  K & S Music Wire 0.025 x 36" - 5 pcs. per tube (#500)  
  0.63 mm diameter  
    $0.71       Out Of Stock
  K & S Music Wire 0.055 x 36" - 3 pcs. per tube (#503)  
  1.40 mm diameter  
    $0.71       Out Of Stock
  K & S Brass Rod 0.020 x 12" - 5 pcs. (#1596)  
  0.51mm diameter - Use for pushrod ends on sub-micro airplanes with magnetic actuators  
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  K & S Brass Strips .025 x 1/4" x 12" (#235, #8235)       $0.34     Add Item To Cart  
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