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After 19 years of owning BP Hobbies we've decided to put BP Hobbies on hold for a while. Thank you for you business. We hope to serve you again in the future.
The entire BP Hobbies catalog of remaining products has been put on special closeout pricing. Items that were already on closeout have been reduced 50% of the closeout price.
Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. If we run out of stock on any item in your order we will continue to ship you the remaining items in your remaining order.
Since we are selling everything at closeout pricing there will be no free-shipping or shipping discounts.
Please allow 7-10 days for us to complete your order. Since Jennifer may be starting a new job any day now orders may be filled on weekends instead of during the week.

WARNING: You must follow ALL safety precautions when recharging Lithium Polymer batteries: AMA Li-Poly Safety Notice
Prices, product specifications, and product availability are subject to change without notice.
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