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BP Miracle Twisted Strand 6 inch Y-Connector for JR/Hitec (E-J103A) - CLOSEOUT SALE
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Why twisted wire? If you are still using or fly around in ares where 72MHz is used, the twisted wire offers the advantage of shielding the signal wire. This prevents stray noise from the outside world from changing the signal to your servos. An extension will act as an antenna. There is less of a chance of interference for the newer 2.4GHz signals but there are still plenty of the other lower frequencies in use. If you are getting glitches (even on 2.4GHz), then try these extensions.
Made from high quality strands of conductor and flexible insulator, the BP Miracle line is the step up from your ordinary extensions. Available in lengths up to 36 inches, in Y-connectors, and in JR/Hitec colors/plugs or Futaba colors/plugs.
Price: $1.00
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