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  Servo Extension Clips (bag of 5) (E-001)  
  Secures the connection between servo extensions  
    $0.66       Out Of Stock
  (2 males)JR extension wire with ferrite choke 15cm (5.9") 22awg straight pvc wire  
  Heavy Duty Wire, 2 Male Connectors on Each End  
    $0.75     Add Item To Cart  
  JR Connector with Ferrite Choke 15cm (5.9") 22awg Straight pvc Wire  
  Heavy Duty Wire One male connector with wire lead  
    $1.31     Add Item To Cart  
  6" Servo Wire Extension With Noise Filter Futaba Plugs Heavy Duty  
  With ferrite choke to filter electrical noise  
    $1.55     Add Item To Cart  
  BP Miracle Magnetic Servo Lead Collar (E-009)  
  Use to shield non-twisted servo wire from noise  
    $0.30     Add Item To Cart  
  MAP Mfg Micro Antenna  
  Designed for Micro Helicopters. Great for parkflyers and foamy 3D aircraft (indoors)  
    $2.41     Add Item To Cart  
  MAP Mfg Deluxe Antenna  
  Designed for T-rex 500 and Eco-8's anything bigger then a 450 size helicopter. Can also be used on electric jets or parkflyers.  
    $2.50     Add Item To Cart  
    Temperature Probe for CellShield  
  Accessory probe for measuring battery temperatures  
    $2.29     Add Item To Cart  
  Blue Arrow BA-MB-HE 4-in-1 Mixer Board - (White Micro JST - White-Black-Red)  
  Receiver, gyro, mixer, speed controller combination for sub-micro helicopters.  
  $21.16     Add Item To Cart  
  Blue Arrow BA-MB-HE02 3-in-1 Mixer Board - (White Micro JST - White-Black-Red) - CLOSEOUT SALE  
  Gyro, mixer, speed controller combination for sub-micro helicopters.  
  $16.27     Add Item To Cart  
  Blue Arrow Nano V-Tail Mixer - JR/Hitec (BV01)  
  For V-Tail/Elevon mixing  
    $2.30     Add Item To Cart  
    ELE Linear Ultra Micro Servo with V-tail Mixer function       $6.62     Add Item To Cart  
  AnyVolt Micro Universal DC-DC Converter       $8.03       Out Of Stock
  Voltage Regulator Breakout Board       $4.05     Add Item To Cart  
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