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Lithium Polymer
  Single Cells (3.7V)
  2 Cell Packs (7.4V)
  3 Cell Packs (11.1V)
  4 Cell Packs (14.8V)
  5 Cell Packs (18.5V)
  6 Cell Packs (22.2V)
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Single Cells (3.7V)

2 Cell Packs (7.4V)

3 Cell Packs (11.1V)

4 Cell Packs (14.8V)

5 Cell Packs (18.5V)

6 Cell Packs (22.2V)
Lithium Polymer Charging, Handling, Safety Information
Lithium Polymer batteries have specific charging requirements and ONLY chargers designed to charge Lithium Polymer batteries may be used. The best chargers require the user to manually select the cell count and charge rate for each pack, then automatically check to see that the settings are correct. The Lithium Polymer Chargers that are sold by BP Hobbies are designed for this purpose. Chargers which use only automatic detection of cell count (charge voltage) are prone to error, and can damage cells or cause a fire due to over charging of cells by exceeding the cell voltage. We do not recommend this type of charger. Other chargers are set manually, but do not include a safety circuit to oversee that setting. These are prone to user error so we do not recommend those chargers. Please do not charge your lithium polymer at any rate higher than 1C. Doing so may reduce the capacity and life cycle of the cells, with very little savings in charge time. Safety precautions for charging Lithium Polymer batteries include:
  • Check and re-check the Lithium Polymer charger settings for the battery pack being charged - both voltage and current settings

  • Charge batteries on a surface that can withstand heat and is not prone to catch fire. A wooden table is not recommend.

  • Do not charge batteries near flammable items or liquids.

  • Do not charge inside your model. The materials used in model airplanes are highly flammable and or temperature sensitive.

  • Do not charge inside an automobile, especially while driving.

  • Do not use water to extinguish a battery fire. Keep a dry fire extinguisher (class ABC is good) nearby. Do not try to fight any fire. If you cannot stop a fire immediately, call the fire department.

  • Do not charge a battery that appears to have "ballooned" due to over or under charging.

  • Do not store batteries in an automobile.

  • Do not peak charge or "top off" lithium polymer battieries.


  • Storage & Handling:
    New cells may have a high initial charge, and care must always be taken to insure that single cells are not short-circuited.
  • Do not put the single cells in a pocket, bag, or drawer where they could short-circuit against other items, or the battery tabs could be pressed against each other.
  • Do not place the single cells on any conductive surface, such as a metal-topped table.
  • Keep single cells and battery packs WELL out of reach of children!
  • Take care that especially metallic objects like knives or scissors do not puncture the cells.
  • If the electrolyte in the cells should get on your skin, thoroughly wash with soap and water. If in the eyes, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Immediately seek medical attention for this.
  • Store batteries in a dry cool place away from flammable materials.
  • Store batteries in a fireproof container.
  • Visit the RBRC website for more information on recycling and disposal of lithium batteries.
  • Misuse of the battery may result in the battery generating heat, exploding or igniting.
  • Do not dispose in fire or heat.
  • Do not immerse the battery in water or sea water or allow it to get wet.
  • Do not use the battery with the positive and negative terminals reversed.
  • Do not short circuit the battery. Do not pierce the battery with nails, strike the battery with a hammer or subject it to other strong shocks.
  • Do not directly solder the battery.
  • Do not disassemble or modify the battery. Do not disassemble or modify the battery.
  • Do not place the battery in or near fires, stoves or other high temperature locations.
  • Do not use or store the battery inside cars during hot weather. Do not use or store the battery. Doing so may cause the battery to generate heat, explode or ignite. Using the battery in this manner may also result in deterioration in performance and service life.
  • Stop using batteries with defections in body or wire
  • Stop using batteries that give off a strong odor or are leaking
  • Do not leave battery exposed to direct sunlight
    Warranty, Disclaimer And Limitation of Liability as to Products Sold:
    Once you receive your battery or battery pack, test it for low voltage condition before you charge or discharge the battery. There is absolutely no warranty for any Lithium Polymer battery or battery pack once you have placed it on a charger. Once you use or discharge a Lithium Polymer battery or battery pack there is no warranty. As used in R/C applications discharge rates exceed the manufacturer's specified maximum rates for these cells. Therefore, the use of Lithium Polymer batteries in radio-controlled models is to be considered experimental, and there is no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the capacity, life in cycles, storage, or discharge characteristics of cells in RC use, nor any other use nor aspect. We strongly suggest you use a safety guard component with these cells. Lithium Polymer batteries hold a huge amount of energy and must be respected. Since we cannot guarantee customers will follow the proper safety precautions and use an appropriate well functioning charger with the correct settings, we cannot accept any responsibility for the use of Lithium Polymer battery products. Therefore, BP Hobbies LLC assumes no responsibility for the use of Lithium Polymer battery products by our customers. Your use of this product means you accept our terms and you are fully responsible for any consequences.
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